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Project Description

Gnorang ngara gonye dyi – We are an architecture school

This intervention was part of the autumn master’s studio that proposed to overhaul the UTS School of Architecture. A banner, a series of posters and hundreds of leaflets populated the Peter Johnson Building, questioning the role of the school as an active cultural and political agent in the future of Sydney. The project reclaimed the cultural roots of the land on which we work, live and study architecture.

The message appeared both in Darug and English across the various published formats. English is the language of the British Empire and is one of the most powerful and effective colonial tools. Darug is the Aboriginal language of the land where UTS stands.

Project credits: A project by Guillermo Fernández-Abascal (GFA2) with Babana Djurumin Design (Danièle Hromek, Siân Hromek, Michael Hromek), Uncle Greg Simms and Aunty Edna Watson (Darug Elders), Studio SP-GD (Graphics), Olivia Bolton (Photography).

Digital CAD design, diagramming, mapping, 2015